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Service Brochure - Fund Management
Fund Administration

Our Fund Administration team provides day to day administration services for hedge funds, mutual funds and any other fund of all sizes. The services provided by our team can be broadly categorised into 2 areas:

Fund Valuation Services
Greater China Capital will provide various valuation services that are required by the fund such as Net Asset Value, unit prices, expenses and fees (management fees & performance fees). We will also keep records and reconcile all funds movements / transactions (investment inflows and distribution outflows) and corporate actions of the funds. Our Fund Administration team will also assist the clients in the preparation of annual accounts for auditors and investors.

Fund Administration Services
Greater China Capital provides fund administration services at both the investors’ level and funds’ level and will carry out Anti-Money Laundering investigation of the funds on behalf of the clients.

At the investors’ level, we will provide reports to the investors relating to funds performance, investors’ distributions entitlements and any disbursements of fees and expenses of the funds. We will also provide relevant information that is required for financial reporting and compliance purposes. Lastly, we will have a dedicated client services and investors relationship team in communicating with the investors and answer any queries from investors.

At the fund level, We assist the clients in arranging all aspects of establishing and setting up of the funds, including:

- appointment of lawyers and auditors
- drafting and reviewing documentation to ensure compliance with legal requirements
- drafting and reviewing investment management agreements of the funds

We also arrange and take minutes for any extra-ordinary general meeting called upon by the fund directors.

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