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Service Brochure - Fund Management
Funds Management

Investment Consulting
Greater China Capital Investment Management team provides consulting services to institutional investors on their investment portfolios. Our team would take on the responsibility on behalf of the clients in selecting and managing the portfolio of assets. Greater China Capital will provide recommendation in relation to the type of asset classes and investment styles that is the most appropriate and suitable for client’s given objectives and preferred risk profiles. Greater China Capital Investment Management team will also regularly monitor the position of the client’s portfolio and:

- Revise investment strategy in response to the change in client’s objectives; and /or
- Rebalance the asset allocation in response to the change to the market environment.
The process involved under Investment Management includes:
- Identifying or formulating (in conjunction with the client) the objectives and the risk constraints of the investors;
- Establishing an investment strategy that matches with the objectives and risk constrains identified;
- Assisting the client in implementing the investment strategy thorough the desired investment style and allocating the client’s funds into various asset classes;
- Monitoring the investments and providing reports on investment performance regularly to the client;
- Reviewing the investment results in light of the given objectives and risk constraints; and
- Revising the investment strategies or rebalancing the portfolio as required.

The investment opportunities identified by our Greater China Capital Investment Management team is not limited to publicly available investment channels. We can also identify exclusive projects and investment opportunities that match the objectives and risks profile of the clients.

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