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Business Alliances

Today's commercial market is vibrant and challenging. Business alliances in both financial and commercial forms have become increasingly important to a company's growth strategy. Greater China Capital will analyse our client's need. We will assess different partnership option and help the company to choose the most appropriate form of partnership.

Select the right partner
It is important to fully understand the needs of our clients. Whether they need financial backup to develop their business or they need technical support in entering into a new market or developing new product. With the extensive knowledge of the local market, the industry and our client, Greater China Capital will be able to assist the client in identification of the right partner, the scope and extend of the cooperation.

Negotiation support
Develop synergy and business plan for the alliance is a key element to the success of the partnership. We will assist our client to structure the deal and will help them in the negotiation process of the partnership formation.

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