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Mergers And Acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions are effective tools for a company's growth. With extensive knowledge in the field, Greater China Capital helps clients to identify suitable targets and provide full execution support from contact, negotiation to closing.

Mergers and acquisitions strategies
Organic growth of business often takes considerable amount of time. Mergers and acquisitions can often allow a company to penetrate into a specific sector and/or market quickly and effectively. We assist the company in formulating the M & A road map to accelerate growth in a manner that fits the company's overall business strategy.

Transaction valuation
Using analytical tools and methodologies, Greater China Capital will assist clients in appraising the value of the target and the value created by the acquisition.

Due diligence
Due diligence exercise is important in relation to the successive closing of a transaction. Our team will assist clients alongside with all other professionals in due diligence exercise to evaluate the commercial capability of the target.

Negotiation support
We will provide negotiation support to client by orchestrating the process and coordinating with other advisors.

Equity story
To assist investors and other market users fully appraise the value of a transaction, we help the company to present the transaction to the market in an orderly and transparent fashion, highlighting the benefits, strategic rationale, growth prospect and valuation enhancement associated with the transaction.


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