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Capital Market Strategy

With the capital market being volatile nowadays, underperforming companies are often ignored or forget by investors. Therefore, having a well planned capital market strategy will enable enterprises to unlock and enhance their market value.

Capital market analyses
Greater China Capital assists clients in understanding the capital market. The way market values individual companies; effects of market expectation on a company's share price performance. By having a thorough analysis, an action plan involving mergers and acquisition, spin off, divestment etc. can be developed to narrow the gap between market perception and the company's perception of corporate strategies and goals.

Capital market communication
To assist investors in appraising the value of a company, an effective and efficient communication program is essential. We assist the company in understanding the current communication gap. Greater China Capital will assist the company in developing a communication program which will articulate their strategy and business target clearly to their investors and effectively manage the investors' expectation on company's performance.

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